About Us

The idea for a local farmers' market was born in me about the same time our daughter was born.   When I was home caring for our daughter I knew I didn't want to leave her.  I wanted to stay home with her and I wanted to start a business from home so I could do just that.  I wanted to do service work, but I wanted to own my own business.  I struggled letting go of the almost full time job I kept volunteering in the local Native community.  I loved volunteering, but I also liked working for myself.  So, what type of business can I create that allows me to do service work and work for myself?  A farmers' market !

I love growing anything I can, I love fresh, naturally grown food, I love local, I love having pride in my community and my culture, I love gathering, I love providing access to the gifts of life like naturally grown fresh fruits and vegetables to families and children in my community, I love helping create jobs in my community, I love community building activities and events, I love when my job allows me to work with my family, I love....I love....there was nothing not to love !

I also love doing a job that I feel good about, that I can't find a negative thing about, that I never have to defend, that speaks for itself why it's worthwhile.  A farmers' market !  I feel good promoting and driving a fresh, young, hip family friendly event like my community farmers' market in our County.  I love modeling for my Native people a healthy way to do business with an intention that harms noone and nothing and promotes good earth practices.  I love showing stay at home moms they can start their own business and they have a place with us. People want to gather when you facilitate an event like this for them, they want to connect, they want to be a part of it. 

SOL Community Farmers' Market offers a community minded, family style event every Sunday in Downtown Historic Placerville, El Dorado County.  We accept WIC/EBT, host only local residents of El Dorado County, offer free space to local community groups and non profits, and provide a healthy, family friendly environment for our community.  I continue to train and educate myself on the ins and outs and the red tape that presents itself when one decides to start a small business to run at a farmers market or community event in El Dorado County. Farmers and vendors can call or email me and I will assist them in navigating the permits, licenses, fees, and processes required to start up a business at my market.

We welcome you and your family to our local farmers' market.  We promise we'll be happy to see you !

The Velasco Family